The Good Book to Great Health
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The Good Book to Great Health

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Discover the healing powers and anti-aging secrets of the Bible. 

What if the secrets of the ancients -- the miracle cures and anti-aging elixirs for a long and healthy life -- were available to you today. Well, they are -- right here. 

The Good Book to Great Health offers the wisdom of thousands of years of plant-based medicine for the 21st century. It is a Bible-based guide to the miracle foods and medicinal plants that have been endowed with the powers to heal and revitalize. Dr. Arnold J. Susser reveals the recipe for renewed health and vitality found in the Bible, and explores the history and science of botanical treasures and the ever-increasing support of and reliance on natural plant-based healing. You'll learn about:

·       Miracle foods -- Discover which two fruits contain the miracle molecules" that extend both quantity and quality of life.

·       Medicinal plants -- learn how certain seeds, nuts, and plants are nutritional miracles in themselves and offer unique healing powers.

The Good Book to Great Health provides you with an index of health conditions and shows you which foods have been scientifically proven to aid in the prevention of illness and diseases such as:

·       Cancer

·       Diabetes

·       Heart disease

·       Hepatitis

·       High Cholesterol

·       Hypertension

·       Obesity

·       Ulcers

This is the definitive book on the power of natural plant-based healing and the health benefits of botanicals. Learn the secrets to a new and healthier life!