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Our story begins in 1972, when Dr. Arnold J. Susser, R.P. PhD, began his nutritional counseling practice in Westfield, New Jersey.  He had grown up in Bayonne working in his father's pharmacy, went on to study organic chemistry and science at Rutgers, and then became a pharmacist. Then, he discovered he had an ear infection in his mastoid. When doctors wanted to operate, Dr. Susser knew there was an alternative. He researched natural approaches to healing using vitamins and minerals. Giving his body "what it needed," his infection disappeared. Inspired, Dr. Susser continued to develop his own unique formulations and opened up a nutrition practice. Over the span of his 40-year career as a renowned and pioneering nutritionist, Dr. Susser published several books, developed formulations specifically for his client's needs, toured the United States appearing on radio and television, and was the nutritional consult to the athletic trainers of teams such as New York Yankees and the San Francisco Giants. Dr. Susser was the guest health speaker on Southwest Christian Radio Ministry from 2009 until his passing in November 2013. His legacy lives on through his formulations and teachings, which his daughter, Carly, and his wife, Anne, help to share. To read more about Dr. Susser's remarkable story, and about the beneficial antioxidant fruits and foods that human beings have been eating for thousands of years, purchase your copy of The Good Book to Great Health today.

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