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Bad Breath? Gas? Body odor?

Body odor and bad breadth may be signs of a digestive system that is not operating at peak efficiency. According to nutritionist, Dr. Arnold J. Susser, internal ecology is of extreme importance for good health. The digestive system has the huge responsibility (which is often forgotten) of protecting the rest of the body from toxins and other undesirable substances. It is also responsible for absorbing the right nutrients from the foods we eat, while at the same time ushering out the undesirable constituents that are a part of every meal.

Recognizing the need to promote a healthy internal ecology in the gastrointestinal tract, Dr. Susser has created Chlorozyme Fresh, the internal ecology nutrient formula. Chlorozyme Fresh is the unique, original combination of 32 different all-natural ingredients featuring Chlorophyll, Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, Essential Fatty Acids, Herbs, plus Acidophilus, all with a natural light vegetable resin glaze.

NSA spoke with Dr. Susser in this exclusive interview about body ecology and how it relates to bad breath and body odor.

NSA: What causes halitosis and body odor?

Susser: Although this is a very common problem for millions and millions of people all over the world, it is something that very few people like to talk about. These two conditions can often be tied to the foods that we eat, as well as the foods that we do not eat and the burden this places on our gastrointestinal tract. Foods that are high in fat (fried foods, animal and dairy foods) and foods that contain highly processed ingredients such as sugar, and other chemicals, excess simple sugars like white flour and sucrose (table sugar), place a tremendous burden on our gastrointestinal tract. These substances break down and form noxious nitrogen and sulfur gases in the intestinal tract. The body naturally tries to rid itself of these gases, and the skin, mouth and lungs are the three main means of excretion. When released, the result is body odor and halitosis.

Two factors are involved: The intake of undesirable foods which have a tendency to putrefy and ferment, and inadequate amounts of digestive enzymes which cannot appropriately digest the foods we eat. In many people, the production of these digestive enzymes slows down after the age of 30, making it more difficult for the body to adequately digest these foods. Inadequate intake of fiber also contributes to this problem. Most of us do not eat enough of the foods which contain the nutrition we need, such as raw, fresh, vegetables which contain digestive enzymes, fiber, complex carbohydrates and very little fat.

Fiber is a very important aspect of Chlorozyme Fresh. Each tablet, which weighs close to 1,000 mg, is made up of ingredients very high in fiber content. This is important since fiber has been shown to help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract, including maintaining regularity and promoting a healthy flora balance.

NSA: Could you tell us about Chlorozyme Fresh, the product you created specially for the internal ecology?

Susser: Chlorozyme Fresh is my exciting internal ecology formula which helps maintain a clean, healthy system and helps to prevent buildup of debris in the intestinal tract.

NSA: Could you tell us about some of the ingredients in the formula?

Susser: Chlorozyme Fresh is the unique, original combination of 32 different all-natural ingredients featuring Chlorophyll; Papain, Pepsin, and Bromelain; Vitamins and Minerals such as beta carotene, Vitamin C, B-5, and B-6, potassium, and zinc; Fiber, Essential Fatty Acids such as lecithin; Herbs such as peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, coriander, fennel, licorice, and parsley; plus Carrot Acidophilus, Alfalfa, and Activated Charcoal.

NSA: What is the significance of the chlorophyll?

Susser: Four tablets Chlorozyme Fresh provide a healthy 200 mg of chlorophyll. In the body, chlorophyll cleans the body by absorbing toxins and odors. Chlorophyll is so powerful that is it recommended by physicians to control odors from colostomy! The sources of chlorophyll in Chlorozyme Freshare all top quality and certified to be free of pesticide residues.

NSA: What is the significance of the acidophilus?

Susser: Acidophilus is one of the naturally-occurring "good" bacteria which helps maintain proper internal ecology. Our particular strain is of non-dairy origin.

Four tablets of Chlorozyme Fresh contain 720 mg of alfalfa, one of the richest sources of natural chlorophyll, fiber, amino acids, vitamins and minerals containing foods. Alfalfa also contains saponins which are noted for their ability to support a healthy circulatory system.

NSA: How do you suggest one use Chlorozyme Fresh?

Susser: The suggested adult supplementation is one or two tablets two to four times daily after or between meals and, very importantly, at bedtime. In addition, for best results, drink lots of pure water (64 ounces daily), and eat a diet high in grains, fresh vegetables and fruit, to help keep the internal ecology maintained.

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The internal ecology Nutrient Formula
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Discover Chlorozyme Fresh. The unique, original combination of 32 all natural ingredients to cleanse and freshen the body from the inside out.†

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