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Why Everyone Over Age 35 Should Consider Taking GLANOGEN™

As part of the normal aging process in men and women, our sex hormone production glands begin to slow down more and more. Some of the early signs prior to menopause in both men and women include lack of sexual arousal, lack of interest in sex, an inability to carry through life's pleasures, flabbiness, dry skin, loss of muscle tone and fatigue.

As menopause itself commences in women, such problems as night sweats, hot flashes, reduced vaginal lubrication, dry skin, wrinkles, and anxiety and depression are just some of the signs.

In men, a possible link to impotence may be associated with Male Menopause as well as loss of muscle tone, grouchiness, and loss of incentive in life.

Also many other unexplained symptoms in both men and women may be associated with hormonal imbalances due to the aging process. When a medical exam proves nothing wrong, most people should consider the nutritional support of GLANOGEN™.

Not long ago reproductive problems such as PMS and male impotence were written off as purely psychological. However, now we know more about their physiological causes and how diet can help these types of problems. Our bodies are run by hormones; and, for the most part, we have no control over their production or their effects. Hormonal balance is an important factor in maintaining good health in just about every aspect.

Stress and Sex

Stress and sex don' t mix. During stress, the sex glands (the ovaries and testes) shrink and become less active. This is because the pituitary gland puts out greater amounts of ACTH to stimulate the adrenal glands in response to stress. This requires so much effort from the pituitary that it must reduce its output of other "less important" hormones, i.e., the gonadotrophin hormones that stimulate the gonads (ovaries and testes), which produce estrogen and testosterone, the female and male sex hormones. In women, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) has been associated with stress, as well. In men, stress can cause both diminished sexual urge and sperm cell production.

Menopause - Male and Female

Women experience "change of life" symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, and irritability between the ages 45-55 when estrogen production slows down. Estrogens are the main "female" hormones. Estrogen deficiency, which causes amenorrhea (absence of monthly menstrual flow), can have many causes.

Yes, there is a male menopause. It is termed andropause. It is associated with male aging and coincides with a decline in testicular function, largely the production of testosterone. The symptoms include loss of sex drive, depression, anxiety, calcium loss increasing the risk for development of osteoporosis, muscle loss, increased fat storage, decreased insulin sensitivity, and negative effects on the central nervous system. In healthy subjects, testosterone levels decline by approximately 1% per year between the ages of 40 and 70, but a more pronounced decline has been observed in non-healthy groups, especially in high cardiovascular risk groups. This is probably due to the increased stress on the body.


Supplemental testosterone is prescribed for a number of reasons: Female breast cancer, for growth stimulation, muscular development and red blood cell production. Testosterone given to correct deficiencies improves muscle strength, work capacity, and quality of life.

Serious side effects of testosterone supplementation include fluid retention, masculinization in women (unnatural hair growth and deep voice), acne, erythro-cythemia (a blood disease), prostate enlargement causing urinary retention and potential increased risk of prostate cancer, and can worsen high blood pressure or heart disease. Prolonged use can reduce sperm count and volume of semen, cause atrophy of the testicles, and possibly cause kidney stones.

Supplemental estrogen (which is made from the urine of pregnant horses) is widely prescribed for menopausal therapy. It is also used to treat postmenopausal breast cancer and prostate cancer, to inhibit the production of breast milk, to prevent miscarriage, to prevent and treat osteoporosis and ovarian disease. 

Side effects of synthetic hormone supplements include masculinization, fluid retention, and increased risk of endometrial cancer. These also have a detrimental effect on blood lipids by increasing LDL and reducing HDL cholesterol.

The body's natural hormones are greatly preferred over synthetics. The reason synthetics cause side effects is because they are not real hormones. The molecular structure is not exactly the same as what the body produces and it cannot fit into the biochemical machinery of the body. 

Note: Anyone with a medical condition should consult with their medical doctor.

Foods Contain Natural Hormone-like Compounds

Many foods, including soy beans, peas, and flax seed, contain hormone-like components called sterols, which are believed to have a beneficial effect on hormone production in the body. There are virtually no side effects associated with such supplementation because the body is making its own natural hormones as needed.

Glanogen, specially created by Dr. Arnold Susser, R.P., Ph.D., as a special supplement for both men and women, provides a source of phytosterols derived from unrefined oils of rice bran, wheat germ, and soy.

It is much safer and better for the body to make its own hormones naturally!

Diet and Hormone Health

The essential fatty acids, Linoleic Acid (LA) and Linolenic Acid (LNA), cannot be made in the body and must, therefore, be obtained from food sources every day. Surprisingly, many people are deficient in these nutrients. This is largely because they must be consumed in their raw form without alteration from cooking and exposure to light or oxygen. When essential fatty acids are deficient, we can expect a diversity of health problems ranging from fatigue to lack of sexual energy.

These are naturally found in the oils from rice, bran, soybeans, wheat germ, lecithin and safflower, which are naturally represented in Glanogen.

Glanogen simply provides the nutrient factors needed by the body to produce its own natural hormones in both men and women. When the body makes its own (with the raw materials available), it is more likely to produce a correct balance naturally! The body will not over-produce or create an imbalance if it is creating its own natural hormones. The nutrients needed to make both male and female hormones are the same so that the nutrients and hormone-like phytosterols in Glanogen can benefit either sex.

Did you know: Symptoms of menopause affect both men & women? Both diet & stress can contribute to hormonal problems?

Introducing Glanogen - A Special Supplement for Men & Women. Featuring a superior quality phytosterol complex and phosphatides with Betacoat (Natural Beta Carotene coating System).†


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