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Spirochrom 22

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Firm Up While You Lose Weight Without Hunger?

Hunger is one of the major obstacles to overcome while trying to lose weight. If you are not eating nutritious foods, these empty calories do not satisfy your body's hunger for nutrition. You feel hungry so you eat more. Your scale and refrigerator become your worst enemies.

SPIROCHROM 22 is VEGETARIAN and provides an important special balanced supply of nutrients necessary to fulfill the body's needs, to help it maintain normal, healthy blood sugars and to keep our cravings at bay.

Spirulina in SPIROCHROM 22 is the famed blue-green algae, which helps satisfy the body's appetite. It is super concentrated, easy-to-digest natural nutrition. An excellent source of complete protein, it contains all essential amino acids plus many nonessential amino acids. Spirulina also contains beta carotene, B Complex Vitamins, C, D, E, Folate, Biotin, Inositol, 13 different naturally-chelated minerals (including chromium), essential fatty acids, chlorophyll and beneficial enzymes.

Firm up while you slim down? 
Dieting can limit your intake of many nutrients you need for efficient energy production and fat burning. Because most diets concentrate on loss of total body weight, rather than body fat, many people lose vital muscle tissue as they are losing weight. Muscle is the body's major fat burning furnace, so the more you have the more fat you can burn. This is important to maintain shape (the "pleasing curves" of the body).

SPIROCHROM 22 features essential dietary components needed for production and maintenance of muscle tissue. Chromium picolinate helps insulin transfer the amino acids from the protein we consume through the walls of the muscle cells to build lean muscle tissue. SPIROCHROM 22 is an excellent source of essential amino acids as well as chromium picolinate, which has shown in clinical studies to increase muscle mass.

Promote healthy blood sugar levels?
Chromium helps insulin control blood sugar (glucose) levels. Insulin is the "door keeper" that regulates the passage of nutrients through the walls of the 70 trillion cells in the body. These cells need glucose to burn energy, but if you can't get it in, it can't be burned. Instead, the glucose is converted to fat and stored.

Just two tablets of SPIROCHROM 22 provide 200 mcg chromium picolinate; the amount commonly used in clinical trails. 

Lose weight, Firm Up, and Feel Great!
According to the USDA 90% of Americans don't ingest the minimum recommended amount of chromium. A Chromium deficiency causes the body to store fat! Studies show that supplementing chromium picolinate (such as provided in SPIROCHROM 22) can help to reduce body fat.

Increase energy without drugs?
Fatigue is commonly experienced by dieters. This can be due to fluctuating blood sugar levels, poor nutrient levels and slowed metabolism. These all can benefit with the help of SPIROCHROM 22 with its nutrient packed ingredients. Fat cells hold water. Burning fat cells means water is released and can accumulate making you look and feel like you are not making the progress you really are. SPIROCHROM 22 is complete! In addition to energizing, fat burning, muscle building nutrients, it also contains special herbal nutrients to help flush out excess water. Starvation diets and rapid weight loss causes the metabolism to slow down and fat preservation to occur. Insulin increases the metabolic rate after carbohydrates are absorbed by making fat burning work more efficiently. Weight control specialist Dr. Philip Felig indicates that a lack of insulin sensitivity can slow the metabolic rate, causing fat to accumulate more readily. Chromium Picolinate in SPIROCHROM 22 works to prevent such a disaster. Finally, SPIROCHROM 22 provides special nutrients to support the health of the thyroid, which controls the metabolism!

SPIROCHROM 22 provides a powerful fat emulsifier to help you break down fat in the foods you eat, many potent vegetable-source enzymes to help you break- down and absorb nutrients from food, and chromium which is needed to burn food factors for energy.

For maximum benefit, take SPIROCHROM 22 in addition to your sensible diet and moderate exercise program.

Anyone with any illness, as well as Pregnant or Lactating Woman and those who wish to start an exercise program or plan on altering their diet, should always consult with their Medical Doctor first.

Containing 22 different nutrient components to support your firm-up, slim-down weight loss program, Spirochrom 22 features the world's best Spirulina, Chromium Picolinate, Lecithin, Cider Vinegar, Vitamin B-6 and Kelp in an exclusive bioactive biobase with special herbs and natural digestive enzymes including Brindal berry, Juniper Berries, Alfalfa, Papain & more!†

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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