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According to renowned nutritionist, Dr. Arnold Susser, one of the most common problems he would see in his nutrition counseling practice is inadequate digestion and absorption of food. Even those who eat a balanced diet cannot be sure that they are digesting and absorbing everything they eat. Deficiencies still can occur, with the potential to cause irregular function in any organ or system of the body. Dr. Susser expanded upon this concept in his popular book, The Indigestion of America from Headaches to Hemorrhoids.

Indigestion is a common problem.Many people avoid eating many of their favorite foods (pizza, barbeque, broccoli, hot dogs) because they can result in the discomforts of common indigestion. Taken at the very start of your meal, Vitalzyme Plus promotes healthy digestion, heading off this discomfort before it starts.

Lets face it: we need food to live.
Food is the body's energy source. Vitalzyme Plus promotes optimal digestion of the food we eat and that means more nutrients available to keep your body on the go.

It has been shown that as many of us age, we start producing less and less gastric juices and less and less digestive enzymes. The foods we used to be able to digest and absorb with relative ease begin to become more difficult. This is important since the ability to break down complex proteins into amino acids is vital to supporting our hair, skin and nails, to producing hormones, and to maintaining a healthy chemical balance. Similarly, without enzymes we would not be able to break down fats and carbohydrates efficiently either.

Even the healthiest balanced diet cannot be digested and absorbed with inadequate enzymes and gastric juices. Some enzymes are available from foods we eat, but, since they are sensitive to processing, the foods must be consumed in their raw state. Heat also destroys the activity of enzymes, and therefore the body is forced to supply its own enzymes to break down foods into absorbable nutrients. Simply breaking down our foods consumes a great deal of energy! Most of us have experienced the feeling of fatigue after stuffing ourselves at the table. This is partly because so much energy is going toward digestion. Poor eating habits greatly increase the need for assistance from Vitalzyme Plus.

This is why Dr. Susser developed Vitalzyme Plus. These natural enzymes (healthy enzymes from papaya and pineapple, plus pancreatic enzymes) do not replace our own enzymes, but add to them. Vitalzyme Plus is quite unique in its balanced portfolio of enzymes and bile-stimulatory nutrients.

As Dr. Susser advised, "I have my own patients take one or two tablets at the beginning of the meal with a glass of juice or water with lemon. This sets up an ideal digestive environment before eating, giving the digestive tract the best possible chance to break down and absorb as many of the meal's nutrients as possible."

Is it any wonder that Dr. Susser considered Vitalzyme Plus to be one of the most important parts of his nutritional supplement program?†

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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